Stretch Twill for the Win

Let me tell you about a super amazing fabric; stretch twill!  If you’re looking for a comfortable woven fabric that will move with you and look great, you need to try stretch twill!

Cali Stretch Twill 1

Earlier this year, I grabbed the last yard of the charcoal stretch twill you see in these photos, but you’re in luck because CaliFabrics just stocked a WHOLE bunch of new stretch twill fabrics, including this one in a similar dark grey.

For my cut of stretch twill, I decided to make myself a maternity skirt.  Because if you have to get dressed while you’re pregnant, comfort is a MUST.  

Cali Stretch Twill 3

Just about anything you make, will be more comfortable made with stretch twill.  The little percentage of spandex in the fabric ensures that your finished garment will move and stretch with your body.  


But the structure provided by the twill will enable things like cargo pockets and  their flaps to look sharp and crisp in a way that a knit garment (with lots more spandex) could not do.

Cali Stretch Twill 2

The argyle knit fabric used on the sleeves and pocket of my raglan tee also came from CaliFabrics.  I also snatched the last yard of this fabric, but here is a nice argyle knit fabric you could use and get a similar look.  

Cali Stretch Twill 4

For the main body of the maternity raglan tee, I used a rayon spandex knit.  CaliFabrics has rayon jersey in every color you can imagine and some gorgeous prints too!  You can check them all out here.  This fabric is a super choice for a garment that needs to stretch a lot…like a maternity tee!   (In these photos I’m 30 weeks pregnant, and you can see it’s stretching quite a bit, but still has more room to stretch!

This outfit is great for days when I have to get dressed.  In fact, some days I’ve even been choosing to get dressed…which should tell you how amazing this fabric really is!

If you’d like more information about how to make any pattern with hip pockets work for maternity wear, or to see a huge list of patterns for each trimester of pregnancy, please visit my blog, Skirt Fixation.

Have you tried stretch twill?  Do you have any tips for dressing a bump?

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