Stretch Velvet Tee


I’m absolutely head over heels for velvet!  I’m loving this trend and want to velvet-fy everything in my wardrobe.


I love a good loose fitting t-shirt and knew I needed a fun velvet version for sure.


Cali has so many colors to pick from but grey is totally my jam.  I figure the grey can be dressed up with jewelry but it’s also subtle enough that I can easily wear it everyday running errands or hanging out at home.  It’s a good thing because I want to wear this tee every chance I get!


  This stretch velvet is so soft and sewed up beautifully!  Now I’m thinking I need one in every color.  I picked up some navy and black while I was at it so I indeed may have a closet full.


I used the Mama Ava from Made for Mermaids for this tee with a few modifications.  I like my necklines a bit higher and my sleeves a little longer.  I love the looseness of this tee and the easy, breezy feel it has.  You could use your favorite tee pattern and just upsize it a bit for a similar look.


Have you jumped on the velvet train?!  Lucky for me with two little girls I can sew it to my heart’s content and not look too crazy.  Head to the shop to check out the great selection and I’m sure you’ll catch the fever too!


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