Summer, Don’t Go!

M7547 M7543 front

Hey, Fabric Lovers!  How are you doing?  I am enjoying the last fleeting days of summer.  Even though fall is my favorite season and I have a ton of fall sewing plans, the sunning warm summer days are fading fast. I haven’t done much sewing this summer since we moved to Chicago. I have been too busy repainting rooms and unpacking boxes.  My new sewing studio isn’t even all the way put together yet.  There has been one summer sewing project that has been on my mind for months, overalls. Like seriously, since around February I have been thinking about making these.

M7547 M7543 front 2

I haven’t worn overalls in well over 20 years, just proving that if you wait long enough all fashions come back around again. 🙂

M7547 M7543 back

Have you checked out the McCall’s M7547 overalls pattern?  If not, you need to!  I am super in love with this pattern. I made the shorts version using the Navy Cotton Twill. I redrafted the pattern to make it a size bigger and to add additional length to the torso.  The front bib hit me just a bit too low for my preference after I made a muslin so I added 3/4″ to the front bib and the back bib.  I am pretty pleased with how these turned out.  I am not sure if I am going to make another pair for next spring just yet, but I think the potential is strong. If I do make another I am going to play around with the back pocket placement.  I would also want to add a front pocket to the bib and try to figure out some sort of front pockets for the bottom half.

M7543 front

As for the top, I used McCall’s M7543 using Navy Blue Flowers on White Rayon Challis. It is not available any longer, but you can pick up the black and white version. This is a fun and flowy top.  I love how great this top works with the overalls.  When I put the elastic in the top I cut it a bit shorter than the elastic guide. I probably should not have done that.  It is a bit too tight so when I raise my arms the sleeves pull up on my shoulders. Other than that I really like how this pattern fits.

M7543 angle

Here’s the important thing to remember about garments made from rayon challis.  Do not dry it!  Before I cut my fabric I do wash and dry it to pre-shrink.  After I make the garment, I wash on delicate and hang dry it.  Regular wash and dry cycles break down the wood pulp fibers making it more prone to holes.

M7543 front 2

M7543 back
M7547 M7543 front 3

M7547 M7543 angle (2)

Overall, I am really happy with how both these pieces turned out.  Together they make a great outfit for going downtown and exploring my new city.

Do you have any summer sewing projects left on your to sew list?

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