Hermes Inspired Print Dress

Hello Everyone! I am super excited to be here and cannot wait to meet each and every one of you.  I decided I would make a simple dress for my debut post.   Clean lines, no frills,no buttons or beads.  I wanted something that would make a statement.  My fabric choice needed to be light and airy yet exotic and expensive looking.  I choice a scrumptious Leopard Print Rayon Challis you ...

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Novelty Cotton Madness

I absolutely adore cotton fabric.  The more whimsical it is the more I love it.  It takes me back to my childhood...sigh.  I digress :-)  now that I'm an old lady - I like cotton because it feels good.  Need I say more?  So when Simplicity's Project Runway line featured several tunic looks with variable lengths I jumped in feet first.  I've already made 5....Yes 5 of these tops.  I'll ...

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Asymmetrical Fashion Trip

How about a visit to New York, London, Paris or Rome?  All you have to do is wear this tunic and you're there.  I didn't even have to leave my back yard. The fabric is a cotton jersey knit and it's super cool and comfortable.  You can find it here.  I wore this outfit to work and everybody was asking "where did you find that top?"  I swear I get so much ...

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