Time Traveling to 1895

Hi Readers! I'm happy to share my latest historical costume with you.  This one takes us back to about 1895, complete with huge puffed sleeves, ribbons and rosettes.  This isn't my first foray into Late Victorian sewing, but it is the first time that I went with bold sleeves and a historically accurate flat lining and bodice boning. To start with, I used Laughing Moon #103, an 1890's waist with four bodice ...

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Stop and Sew the Roses

I should begin my post about sewing up this olive floral stretch sateen by letting you know that I don’t like florals.  I mean, I appreciate them from an aesthetic standpoint, like when Cali Fabrics gets a beautiful group of designer stretch sateen in stock, but I know I won’t like the way I look and feel wearing florals.  So I say “ooh that’s pretty” and move on.  And yet, ...

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A Blue and White Summer Caftan

Look, friends!  Color!  Haha Contrary to what one might think scrolling through my past posts for Cali Fabrics, I love color and am a particular sucker for blue and white prints.  For me, it’s a combination that’s easily wearable year-round, can be dressed up or down, and evokes memories of east-coast summers.  So, I’m sure it’s not hard to imagine how quickly this print jumped in my cart!  Isn’t it amazing?!  ...

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