The Hand Embroidered Dragon Dress

Several months ago I started this project and now, about six months later -- IT'S FINISHED! Have you ever had a project that you "worked" on for so long and then when it's finally in the "completed" pile, you are so satisfied with yourself that you can't stop looking at it or admiring it while you're wearing it? Well.... that's me. Also, when I say "worked" on ...

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A 1940’s Embroidered California Poppy Blouse

Hello readers! I'm very happy to share this project! It's one that's been in my dreams for a while and now, it's finally become a reality. I love to take plain fabrics and transform them into something unique.  This blouse was just a simple white cotton lawn before I embroidered it.  Now, it's a bespoke beauty showcasing my love of our state flower -- the California Poppy. For this project, I used a ...

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