Time Traveling to 1895

Hi Readers! I'm happy to share my latest historical costume with you.  This one takes us back to about 1895, complete with huge puffed sleeves, ribbons and rosettes.  This isn't my first foray into Late Victorian sewing, but it is the first time that I went with bold sleeves and a historically accurate flat lining and bodice boning. To start with, I used Laughing Moon #103, an 1890's waist with four bodice ...

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A Victorian Mourning Blouse

Hello readers! I've been doing some historical sewing lately and I'm happy to share this late-Victorian lace blouse.  It was an easy project and a versatile piece for my growing historical wardrobe. As I mentioned in my last post, I made this blouse (plus underpinnings and skirt) along with an outfit for my husband.  It was quite an undertaking sewing all of that in a short period of time and I definitely ...

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