Revisiting Old Favorites

The evolution of the sewing blogging community has been an interesting thing to witness. I myself have been blogging about sewing (off and on) since 2011(!). In those early days, the phrase TnT, which stands for tried-and-true, was used quite a bit. Many of us made it a habit to use the same patterns over and again in a variety of colors or fabrics. Why fix what isn’t broken, right? ...

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Naughty or Nice? Getting Two Looks from One Pattern

A pattern with simple lines is such a versatile tool for wardrobe building. Change the fabric, and you change the look. When it's a pattern you know fits you well or that you have spent time adjusting to your perfect custom fit, it's great to be able to sew it over and over without looking like 'that lady who always wears that same skirt'. Here are two different looks from a ...

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A Good Case of Stripes

I love finding designer fabrics on Cali Fabrics! When the designer is named, it's fun to use some Google-fu to find how the designer used the fabric and let that inspire me. When I found this playful zebra-printed stretch twill fabric from Hudson Jeans, it was easy to find the designer's make by searching "Hudson Jeans zebra" and I found they used it for ... whadda ya know, jeans! It's a ...

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