Comfy Maternity Dress & Matching Shorts

Ah, pregnancy. It's that magical time in a woman's life where everything is uncomfortable and nothing fits. But in truth there's a lot to be excited about and thankful for - including spandex! Califabric's double brushed knits are truly a gift from the fabric gods and not just for those who are expecting. They are incredibly stretchy, so buttery soft, plus there are tons colors and prints to choose from. I ...

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Best Friend Travel Dresses

I love Califabric's Double Brushed Polyester! It is an unbelievably soft fabric, and has a lovely drape for a maxi dress. Califabrics has so many lovely prints which would all be suitable for a this type of dress. My best friend and I live in different cities, so we try to get together each year for some girl time. This year we choose New Orleans as our meet up, and what ...

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