The Fabric Rebel in Me

I’m a bit of a rebel when it comes to seasons and fabric. I probably should start sewing with all the heavier-weight fabrics that keep us warm as the weather cools down, but right now I find myself gravitating towards gorgeous, breezy cotton lawns and bright, candy colored spandex knits. Cali & Co. does not disappoint with their selection either! I had some pretty tough choices to make, but I’m very pleased with what I narrowed it down to.

For this fun and girly ensemble I selected the Fair and Square Tunic and Sterling Leggings patterns from Tie Dye Diva Patterns. Both are a bit modified to take full advantage of the fabrics, and I am head over heels with the way they turned out!

This White on Black Floral cotton lawn isn’t typically a print or color I would choose for a little girl, but as mine is getting a little older, it’s fun playing with more sophisticated prints. This large floral is beautiful and adds little splashes of white that compliment its dark background, plus it pairs so well with bright colors, and I know it’ll look great with a cardigan once the weather really cools down.

Cotton lawns are traditionally a lighter-weight woven fabric, but this one in particular is very lightweight and somewhat sheer. This makes it absolutely perfect for something with lots of gathers as they won’t create overly bulky seams, which means adding extra tiers to achieve optimum twirl and fullness is quite doable. It also has that crisp quality most lawns have, yet is delicate and soft which ensures my girl will happily wear it. Nothing is more frustrating than sewing up something beautiful and it just hangs in the closet. She’s worn this top countless times already so I know she approves!

I couldn’t wait to pair this tunic with these gorgeous Sterling turquoise leggings. This Turquoise Stretch Jersey Knit fabric is a midweight cotton lycra with 100% 4-way stretch. I can’t even begin to tell you how gorgeous this turquoise color is! It’s so brilliant and looks just like a gumball. It did bleed a little after first washing, but the color still remains just as vibrant and really pops against the black.

I found I had to pay just a little extra attention to sewing with it as the edges wanted to curl just a bit. I didn’t need to do anything special to it like spray with starch, just stopped every now and again to make sure my raw edges were lined up while running them through my serger. It gathered like a dream though, and just like the cotton lawn didn’t create bulky seams.

We are so happy with how this fun outfit turned out, mostly because we both got what we wanted. I was able to sew up a lovely and stylish tunic, and she has her bright colors and twirl. I’d say we nailed this one! Here’s to being a rebel.

Jen H, from Tie Dye Diva

Jen creates PDF format sewing patterns for women, children and babies at

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