The Spring/Summer Wanted Tee

This shirt may look familiar because I made a winter version in ponte for my last post. I wondered for a while if this is worth its own post, but this tee has become an instant go-to due to the pattern and the fabric, so the answer is yes!

The pattern is the Wanted Tee by Vanessa Pouzet, a close-fitting tee with a square neckline and 3/4 sleeves. I need to make this as many times as possible to make it worth my money because I accidentally printed this pattern in color at a copy shop = it cost a lot of money. I can’t even read the instructions I printed because they are in French!


I used the same sizing, 36 graded to 38, as the last time. The only issue I had with the previous version was it felt tight around my arm or biceps. I thought I would need a full bicep adjustment, so to test it, I sliced the sleeve open on the first version of the Wanted tee (RIP). I found that it still felt tight, so instead of the bicep adjustment, I deepened the armhole by .5″. I measured the new armscye then added the difference to either side of the sleeve, grading down to the bottom edge.

That made all the difference! Next time, I will also add a little length back to the body of the tee so it can work better with mid-rise jeans.


As for the fabric, this is the Black Midweight 4-way Stretch Rayon/Lycra Jersey Knit, which is probably my favorite blend for knits. It is super soft with great drape. It was easy to cut into and didn’t curl. I admittedly don’t always prewash fabrics though I should, but even though this got dumped into the washing machine and dryer after it was made up, the tee did not shrink, noticeably anyway. I would like to make all my knit shirts in this fabric.

Front3FullSizeRender (6)

Overall, you can’t go wrong with this pattern or fabric, and it makes for one classic wardrobe staple. Thanks for reading!

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1 thought on “The Spring/Summer Wanted Tee”

  1. I love your Tee! You don’t often see Tees with a square neckline – it suits you perfectly. Gorgeous! So sad to read how expensive your PDF ended up being! That didn’t exactly happen to me but my first PDF printed at the copy shop ended up being HUGELY expensive because they had never done one before and didn’t know how to charge so they with $18 which was a lot more than the copy shop down the street $5 which had printed patterns often. I didn’t know about that copy shop until someone in my sewing group mentioned it. You do have to shop around and ask LOTS of questions I’ve discovered 🙂

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