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To Top it Off…Two New Tops!

Remember my dream top that my daughter stole/borrowed?  Well, she agreed to give it back…with one condition.  Or two.  And they involved fabric and sewing, so I agreed!  Plus she babysits while I sew, so it’s all fair.

First off, she “needed” a top to go with her new maxi rayon challis circle skirt to replace the one she gave back.  Which was MINE to start with, but whatever! 😉  We found this stunning grunge floral rayon challis.

We chose it because of it’s gorgeousness, but when it arrived, we were stunned by it’s softness!  Rayon challis is soft and smooth, but this one is over the top on softness!  It’s almost like it’s a jet puffed marshmallow or something!

The drape and airiness is unparalleled on this grunge floral fabric.  Seriously, if my teenage daughter wasn’t so opposed to the idea of twinning with her mom, I’d make myself this exact same top.  Wait a minute…I could borrow/steal hers!!!

Okay, onward!  The second top she negotiated for is this super comfortable, pajamas in disguise number.  It’s a faux layered top, and made from a floral/stripe french terry fabric.  (This particular one is gone, but CaliFabrics has a bunch in stock including this drop dead gorgeous DBP one!!)  Add to that softness some waffle knit sleeves, and all you need is a pillow, and some hot cocoa, right?

This floral/stripe fabric was originally planned to go with my Project Street Style creations, but at the last minute I changed plans and there the fabric sat.  When my daughter saw it laying there unused, she decided to take pity on it and give it a good home.  How generous! {eye roll emojis here!!!}

But seriously, stripes and florals combined are SO on trend right now, that it wasn’t too hard to be talked into making her this top.  I love how the charcoal waffle knit fabric (this color is sold out, but check out these) on the lower sleeves looks just like another stripe on the shirt at first glance.

Since neither french terry or waffle knit had the right stretch and recovery for the neckband and cuffs on this top, we used some charcoal modal  jersey knit leftover from the maxi skirt in the Project Street Style collection.

As much as I like to tease my daughter about stealing my clothes and forcing me to sew new ones for her, I really do love that she loves to wear handmade clothes sewn by her mom!  I’m not sure how many other 17 year old girls feel the same way?

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