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While it’s always pleasant in sunny Cali, that certainly isn’t the case here in Kansas!  We’ve been subjected to a particularly frigid winter this year, so I’ve been doing all I can to try to keep warm, both at home and at the office!

This pink sweatshirt fleece from Cali Fabrics was perfect for that!  It’s warm and soft and fuzzy and I just want to wrap myself in yards of it!  But since I can’t wrap myself in yards of fabric and go to work, I opted for the next best thing.  I made this lovely warm sweatshirt fleece into a Toaster Sweater 1 from Sew House 7!

French terry is all fine and dandy, but I have to say that I prefer sweatshirt fleece.  It’s easier to work with in my opinion, and it’s just softer and warmer than French terry.  it doesn’t have the same amount of drape, but in almost every other way, I definitely prefer it.

And to go along with my pretty pink sweatshirt, I made my first pair of Sasha Trousers from Closet Case Patterns!  I took the time to muslin this pattern and work out my fitting kinks, so I was excited to finally sew them up!

For these pants, I chose a stretch sateen from Cali Fabrics’ collection of designer overstock fabrics.  If you’ve spent much time perusing the site, you’ll notice that Ron often snags overstock from designers like Milly, Seven for all Mankind, and most recently, Hudson.

When I was choosing my fabrics, I saw that he had picked up a bunch of stretch twill and stretch sateen from Hudson jeans, which I knew would be perfect for my Sashas!  This particular print is already sold out, but this stretch sateen would make a great pair of spring pants, as would this midweight twill.  Or since stripes are all the rage, how about this legit vertical striped stretch twill from Hudson Jeans?

With the bold print, these pants are definitely a statement piece!

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