Twist on a Basic

S8089 front 3

Hey, Cali Fabrics Fans!  I have another new piece to share with you all.  I made a view A of Simplicity 8089.  For my version, I used the Lagoon Midweight Stretch Ponte De Roma which is a great teal color that was missing from my fall wardrobe.  The idea for this top came from Pinterest.  I saw a similar top for sale from one of those overseas companies that sell garments for super cheap.  I do not want to support those types of businesses, so I thought I would make my own version.  The top featured a dart in the neckline with several small buttons down it.

S8089 front

I picked this Simplicity pattern because it has plenty of ease in the bust and neckline that adding the dart in did not affect my fit.  For my dart, I made it 4″ long with a fullness of 1″ at the top of the neckline.

S8089 detail

I flattened my dart and stitched in the ditch to hold it in place.  I consulted the sewing community on Instagram for help picking out my buttons.  It was between these 4 white hearts and 3 peachy orange circles.  The white hearts won by a landslide.  I was pretty excited to use these because they are vintage buttons that I was gifted by the grandmother of a close friend.  I don’t know how old they are but the card they came off of is at least 30 years old.  I cannot wait to share this top with my friend.

S8089 side

The Simplicity pattern also features elastic rushed side seams.  I like this detail because it is simple to do and adds a bit of visual interest to the hem. Now, I have to admit to making a crazy mistake with this top.  I was so excited to make this happen that as soon as my fabric showed up I cut my pieces and started sewing.  I completely forgot to pre-wash my fabric before starting. Eeks!  Luckily the ease should be enough that if it shrinks it will still fit. My only concern is for the cuffs, they currently are pretty slim fitting and if it shrinks I fear it may be too tight in the forearms.  Maybe I just won’t dry it, I mean who knows what could happen to my vintage buttons in the dry. Here’s hoping it works out for me!

S8089 angle

S8089 back

S8089 front 2

Do you have any interesting details you want to add to your garments this season?  Any fresh takes on basic pieces?

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5 thoughts on “Twist on a Basic”

  1. Nice top! Love the ruched sides 🙂 I just finished my second Ebony (the shortie version and the tunic length) and love that pattern! I finished the hems on the shortie version with very fine rolled hems using a stretchy sort of fluffy thread and it turned out amazing. Thrilled with my new knit tops too.

  2. The buttons add a nice touch. I line dry ALL my knits or hand them on the shower rod. They last much longer than using the dryer! Well worth it for those tops you love. You get to wear them longer.

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