Versatile Organic Cotton/Bamboo French Terry


As soon as it gets chilly I want to get all comfy and cozy, so naturally I begin gravitating towards French Terry fabric!  If you’re looking for a French Terry that can be made into a variety of garments, then you’ll need to check this one out.  This midweight charcoal organic cotton/bamboo/spandex French Terry might be the most versatile French Terry I’ve come across, and it’s so incredibly soft, natural, and organic to boot!  I picked up several yards of this stuff in charcoal because I knew it would make for a great collection of wardrobe staples, and let me tell you it didn’t disappoint.

First the deets about the fabric, shall we?  This French terry is a midweight knit with 12% spandex (that’s A LOT), 100% 4-way stretch and excellent recovery.  It’s soft, has a nice drape, did great on delicate cycle in the washer and dryer, and it’s 60″ wide which gives you a lot of fabric to work with.  The natural bamboo and organic cotton fibers provide a breathable fabric that’s insulating, absorbent, and gentle for sensitive skin.

FT loop

From the front it looks more like a cotton/spandex fabric, but the back has those telltale loops characteristic of French terry, and this is what helps make it oh-so-cozy.  After taking some scraps to my serger, I found it doesn’t sew up like other French terry fabric, and I needed to treat it more like I was sewing double brushed poly.  I also used a larger stretch needle size in my serger to avoid skipped stitches.


I decided to make the Vermont Cardigan from New Horizons as it’s been sitting in my pattern stash for some time, and I really want more throw-on cardigans that I can pair with my warmer weather tops.  I omitted the buttons since I don’t plan on buttoning this up, but this is what it would look like if I did close it…


After looking at this picture though I may add some after all; it looks like it would make a cute dress!  This fabric makes this cardigan incredibly comfortable and it stretches beautifully when I sit down or move around.  There’s no fabric restriction at all.  The cuffs are a bit snug, but not uncomfortably so, and they keep me warm.  I may need to shorten the sleeves though since they’re bunching at the elbow.

Vermont top stitching

I topstitched the pockets and along the front band to give it a more finished look.  I did this with my coverstitch machine, using wooly nylon thread in the looper and a single needle with regular polyester thread for the top stitching.

Vermont Back

A view of the back, and although I’ve sat in this cardigan several times, it’s not bagged out or saggy!  Thank you spandex.  I also made myself some leggings with this same fabric, and although I don’t have any pictures of myself wearing them (I’m new to wearing leggings as a grown woman, but I’ll get to the point I’m sure where I feel comfortable showing them off!), and I didn’t need to size up or anything.  They’re a dream to wear, and I LOVE them.

I’m going to tell you as one knit fabric lover/enabler to another, if you haven’t grabbed some of this organic cotton/bamboo French terry then you should.  Affordable French terry like this doesn’t come around all that often.  To be honest though, they had me at bamboo…

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