Willamette Shirt with Buttons

Willamette – Plot Twist

Willamette Shirt with Buttons

I am so excited to share my Willamette — turned button up shirt with you! The minute I saw this designer rayon/linen I was in love. When I showed it to my husband his exact words were, “It’s all of your favorite colors!” Haha. He’s not wrong, folks. And it gets better. The fabric also comes in blue! Whaaaaaat??

Willamette Shirt with Buttons Willamette Shirt with Buttons

To me, the fabric feels like more of a linen than rayon, because it’s a sturdy fabric that is about the same thickness and feel of linen. That didn’t stop me from making a top out of it though, and I have no regrets!

I have been wanting to make the Willamette by Hey June since the minute it was released. I loved the style and had so many ideas for it in my head! I still do — but at least one has come to fruition!

Willamette Shirt with Buttons

Willamette Shirt with Buttons

I made view C of the Willamette and added 3 inches of length because — #sewingtall. I love how easy it was to make, and Adrianna  (the pattern designer) always amazes me with how everything comes together and looks so clean. Everything was going really well until I had to sew the front center seams together… I just couldn’t do it! I had just finished making the Cheyenne Tunic (also by Hey June) and I just felt like it would look so much better with buttons.

So I ironed the facings down really well, and top stitched both front seams separately. Then I took the button placket pattern piece from my Cheyenne Tunic pattern and used it as a guide to mark where the buttons should go. I started at the “optional button” marking from the Willamette pattern, and marked buttons all the way to the bottom until no more buttons would fit.

Willamette Shirt with Buttons
Left: Front of button plackets, Right: Back of button plackets

Once I sewed the button holes, I knew the inside facing would be secured, so I didn’t worry about doing anything else to that side. I also did the same thing with the side I sewed the buttons to. I just sewed through both the bodice piece and facing (just like the button holes) and didn’t have to do anything else.

Willamette Shirt with Buttons

I LOVE how my Willamette turned out, and this fabric worked really well for it! I was a little bit nervous that it would be too thick in certain spots, but my sewing machine and serger handled it just fine, and I’m so glad to add it to my wardrobe! It’s definitely going to get a lot of wear. Now go snag some of this black and grey, or two tone blue rayon/linen fabric before it’s all gone!

Happy sewing!

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