Win some, lose some

You win some, you lose some

I have good news and bad news about the makes in this post.  And since I’ve always been an “eat your vegetables first” sort of person, we’ll just get the bad news out of the way.

Win some, lose some

And that bad news would be this tank.  I think that it’s just as important to share projects that flop as it is to share those that are successes, so when this tank flopped, I decided to go ahead and blog it anyway.


This is the Rumi Tank by Christine Haynes sewn up in the Bright Palms and Leave Print Rayon Jersey Knit from Cali Fabrics.  Please don’t interpret this post as a dis on either the pattern or the fabric.  The Rumi Tank is a nice pattern — it goes together well, the instructions are good, and the fit seems to be good also.

And the fabric is nice fabric.  It is soft and flowy and has a good weight for rayon jersey. The problem is that this was a complete pattern-fabric mismatch.  The Rumi tank, with its fitted design and bands, really needs a fabric with decent recovery, at least for the bands.  In a jersey, that usually means it needs spandex.  And this fabric doesn’t have any.

Win some, lose some

And even though the tank looks okay in these photos, it’s just uncomfortable to wear.  The armholes and neckline are all floppy, and the bands don’t have enough recovery to pull the main pieces back where they belong.

So this tank was a good reminder to this too-often-lazy sewist to pay closer attention to pattern-fabric pairings. Because the wrong pairing results in a garment that goes straight into the donate bin :/

By stark contrast, Cali Fabric’s tencel denim (back in stock!!) was perfect for the Megan Nielsen Flint pants.

Win some, lose some

If you don’t nab some of the indigo tencel denim before it’s gone again, this cotton/tencel twill would be a nice choice.  As would this lightweight striped denim, light blue tencel denim, dark blue tencel denim, or this black linen.

I bought this pattern on its release, and was looking for an excuse to make some amazing wide-leg crop pants for summer.  This tencel denim was the perfect excuse!  The fabric is the ideal weight for pants, and the tencel makes it nice and drapey, which is key for wide-leg pants like these.

Win some, lose some

Since tencel has quite a bit of drape to it, I was careful to staystitch my waistline after I cut my pattern pieces.  The waistband is one of the last parts to be sewn in this pattern, and I knew that the fabric would have a tendency to stretch out as I handled the pattern pieces during construction.  A line of basting stitches secured those areas very nicely!

Win some, lose some

And the result?  A nicely-fitted, breezy, eye-catching pair of pants that will be great for summer date nights, and even running errands around town!

Make me feel better — tell me about your latest sewing FAIL!

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9 thoughts on “You win some, you lose some”

  1. I like this outfit and I usually do not like cropped culottes. Too bad about the tank top. It looks great on you. Have you considered picking out the armholes and neckline and redoing them with a contrasting mini-wale ribbing? I know, I know picking jersey is a DRAG! It’s just that top is too nice to dump. Love the hat it really finishes off the summer flair nicely.

    1. Hi Kathryn!

      Yes, it’s about the same weight. The dark blue doesn’t have the same slightly slubbed texture as the indigo, and is a tad bit crisper, though still very soft and flowy.

  2. My motto is”Sometimes you win and sometimes you Learn”! Count it as that and move on. The oufit is beautiful !

  3. HI Katie. Do you think any of the tencel fabrics would be adequate for an off-shoulder romper or full jumper??

    1. Hi Doray! I’m not Katie, and she can weigh in on this too, but I totally think that the indigo, dark blue, light blue, or black tencel denims would work well for the kind of jumpers/rompers that are so popular right now. I was actually out shopping with my wife recently, and saw a romper at Macys, and then another at Forever 21, which really reminded me of these tencel denims we have.

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