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Look who’s breaking all the fashion rules…wearing white after Labour Day! That’s not really a rule anymore is it? I love a white and grey color palette and I plan to wear it through the fall as long as I can baring I have no major coffee or red wine mishaps while wearing these jeans.


Cali Fabrics seems to carry lots of lovely knits that I am always drawn to. So again I choose a knit, this time a grey and white ribbed sweater knit.

I had originally planned to make the Blackwood cardigan but when my fabric arrived, it was thinner that I had thought it would be and so I thought that I would make a t-shirt dress. After some thought, I went back to my cardigan plan because I had this outfit in mind and knew that it would fit well into my wardrobe. Look at me being all practical!

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I also ordered a lovely Robert Kaufman rayon in two colors, grey and indigo blue. I planned to use the grey to make a sleeveless dress to wear with the grey and white cardigan. Again…change of plans. I thought that it would serve me better as a top and I choose M7093. I have had this pattern in my stash since it first came out and I’m sorry I hadn’t made it up sooner. It’s a great little gem and came together very quickly. I had the white lace in my stash leftover from another dress for the sleeves. I love the fresh feel it adds to this top.

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I have yet to sew up the “Indigo” rayon because it was much lighter in color than I had expected. There is hardly a difference between the grey and the blue so I plan to dye it darker. I wasn’t expecting to have to do that but oh well…. What do I plan to make with it? Not sure. But then again why make too many plans when I’ll probably change them anyway!

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Anyone else like me? Do you make plans for your fabric purchases only to change your mind a few times before settling on a pattern? I’m sure that I’m not the only one…


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Margo B, from Creating in the Gap

Margo is a fabric addict and pattern hoarder extraordinaire, and attempts to justify it all on her blog, Creating In The Gap.

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12 thoughts on “Plans Change”

  1. I just ordered a gray/white stripe for a nice long sweater! Love those gray and white stripes all year round – they’re softer than the stark black and white and I think really flattering. I’ve decided to completely swear off rayon period. I’m just making up a bamboo/cotton blend and it is so wiggly to sew AND it grows! It’s horrible to sew with and it’s horrible on the environment to make – it turns out all those beautiful old growth forests in China are being mowed down like a lawn to grow bamboo for fabric meaning we’ll all be nicely dressed but unable to breathe!

    1. I’ sure you’re sweater will be great in your wardrobe! I know I love mine. I didn’t know that about rayon…oh no. Thanks Kathleen!!

  2. “Change of plans” is worst with the fabrics I love most! I won’t cut them until I know I’ve picked the perfect style. That may involve several changes of patterns. It’s annoying, waiting for a lovely fabric to pick its style. But it pays off. Too often I would make a poor choice and lose a favorite fabric. Now I seldom have a misstep.

  3. I love your cardigan and top! Thank you so much for this post – I can totally relate to “change of plans.” I spent the entire day yesterday changing plans for my next sewing project because fabrics I ordered were either not exactly what I expected or were damaged (lingerie fabric, not from Cali Fabrics/ Fabric Outlet!). I feel better knowing that changing of plans doesn’t just happen to me! Your outfit is beautiful and I love the scenery and light in your photographs!

  4. I love this combo. Gray and white is timeless and with white jeans, a great statement. I love the top with lace sleeves it is an ideal I have been toying , seeing yours confirms my plans. But like you my plans change and something new and shiny may strike my fancy. I just posted a blog post about what I call Squirrel syndrome, “oh look something better over there” off I go distracted by something else entirely.

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