The Most Comfortable Ginger “Jeans”

I was on a roll making the ever-popular Closet Case Ginger Jeans left and right, but I had yet to make them from something other than denim. The pattern calls for a stretch fabric since it’s for skinny jeans, so I wondered what else would work. I saw this olive green heather ponte de roma fabric and thought I could give it a try.


And what do you know, it worked! I admit I was very skeptical if I could pull it off… would the fabric be too lightweight? Too stretchy? Would it look like I was just wearing pajamas?


Heck no!! These pass as a good pair of “jeggings” and what I’m hoping will also pass as business casual bottoms at work (HEY they can’t say I’m wearing jeans since they’re not denim, right??).

I took these photos after a full day of wear and they held up great! I’m wearing them now after 3 more days of wear without washing and they haven’t stretched out at all! The only gripe I have is that I’m starting to see the beginnings of “chub rub” on my inner thighs, but I was expecting that from a fabric that’s not really meant to be a bottomweight.


These are the mid-rise with straight leg pattern. I sewed my usual size 10 with my custom alterations to the crotch, yoke, and waistband which are documented here. All seams were sewn at 5/8 inch. I used a regular polyester thread for the top-stitching and used a double stitch to make it stand out more. Instead of rivets, I sewed an “x” since I think rivets would be too rough on a knit like this.


For the pocket bags and waistband facing, I used a quilting cotton that’s been in my stash forever. I didn’t interface the entire waistband since the quilting cotton keeps things from stretching. I definitely interfaced the part where the button and buttonhole go, though. The button is from an old pair of my husband’s Banana Republic trousers and the green metal zipper is from a random bag of vintage sewing notions I bought from a thrift store years ago.


And now it’s time for my usual crotch/butt shots I do for all of my Gingers (sorry, not sorry):


Don’t they fit so well?! I almost forgot, I chose to omit the coin pocket because I don’t really use them and I thought it would be too much for this type of pant. Plus, I was trying to go for a less “jeans-y” look.


I love how the waistband never gapes!! HALLELUJAH for making your own clothes!


Oh, looks like I also omitted the belt loops, too! This is what happens when you wait too long between making something and blogging about it… ~_~;;

I kept the back pockets plain because any kind of design I would stitch on them would pop apart immediately from the super stretch of this fabric (plus that badunk…). Keeping them plain also helps maintain the facade of work pants!

I am so, SO happy with how these came out! The best part? THE COMFORT factor! Oh Lord, it’s like wearing pajamas all day long. I don’t even change into lounge pants when I get home because these are basically fancy lounge pants!

Another great thing about these? FULL RANGE OF MOTION!



So they’re perfect for you ninja warriors or gymnasts or spider monkeys, too.

Thanks to Cali Fabrics for providing me with the materials to make the pants of my dreams! Not to mention all the other fun things I’ve made for my dream wardrobe

Have you taken a walk on the wild side and made something with fabric that was not intended for the pattern but it still turned out great?? Share your stories in the comments!!


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10 thoughts on “The Most Comfortable Ginger “Jeans””

  1. Totally loving the idea of ponte Gingers! Thinking it’s practical brilliance honestly. If only we could not have the dread chub rub piling on the inner thigh though…

    1. Amen! Actually after quite a few days of wear, I only notice pilling by touch. You can barely see it… so I think these will last longer than I originally thought!

  2. Ooh, ponte jeans sound lovely! And perfect for days at home with the kids where I want to be comfy, but not resort to being the yoga pants mom.

    1. They are definitely perfect for days like that! A step up from yoga pants but definitely just as comfortable. 😉

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