Willamette Shirt with Buttons

Willamette – Plot Twist

I am so excited to share my Willamette -- turned button up shirt with you! The minute I saw this designer rayon/linen I was in love. When I showed it to my husband his exact words were, "It's all of your favorite colors!" Haha. He's not wrong, folks. And it gets better. The fabric also comes in blue! Whaaaaaat?? To me, the fabric feels like more of a linen than ...

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Ranchero Rayon Chambray Dress

I am so excited to have joined the Califabrics Blog, and to share all of the fabulous things I make with their fabric! If you haven't seen me or my blog, I'm Tori, and I write at The Doing Things Blog. I started sewing around 3 years ago, and I have loved it ever since then! Today I am sharing a dress I made out of this chambray fabric (almost sold out but ...

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